About Us

Grand??Noora Palace??is the culmination of a dream, the result of farsighted thinking on the part of Mohd Ashraf Shangloo and Mohd Yosuf Shangloo along their experienced staff.

Grand??Noora Palace??till today believes in word-of-mouth publicity which has helped it gain the cult status that it enjoys today. Customer satisfaction is at the centre of everything done at Grand??Noora Palace??and we are delighted that our effort of resonating with our guests has created a strong brand loyalty. Grand??Noora Palace??is committed to maintaining this level of satisfaction and will continue to exceed guest expectation by friendly service and impeccable hospitality.

Hospitality being people centric, Grand??Noora Palace??has trained its employees more than upto guest satisfaction requirements. We take them through the concept during their induction period to get a holistic understanding of Guest Comfort.